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Our christening catering services are high quality, personal and bring a level of home made comfort to your special occasion!

Your Christening Catered While you Enjoy The Day

Organising your christening’s catering and child’s special day can often become more work than expected. We simplify your day by making sure your guests are well fed with beautiful buffet presentations.

Christenings are the most often celebrated event at home and by understanding your needs and those of your guests, we make the experience that much easier.

Our Ballymaloe trained chef is highly experienced with providing the most suitable menus for families in Dublin and can advise you on what might work best for you.

Our high levels of personal & professional service & the quality of our food are what makes us different.

Our Clients' Catering Experience

Catering for a Christening Party

When catering for a Christening party it’s important to consider your guests dietary requirements and allow them to control their portion sizes to make everyone happy. We specialise in buffet catering which meets every guests needs and allows you to offer a great selection of options.

Need christening Catering Ideas?

If you’re not sure what your guests might enjoy and you need some Christening catering ideas, talk with us and we’ll help you to choose your menu. Our experience of helping make countless other’s special day a success will help guide you in selecting a christening menu to delight every attendee. See our catering menu ideas for some inspiration!

Catering for a christening at home

Most of our christening catering events take place at homes in Dublin. It’s more economical than a restaurant visit and provides home comforts. We can set up our buffets in the space provided in your home and ensure guests can enjoy a quality menu, with servers if required.

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